Internet Safety

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Please also see this link for more useful information on social networking sites;


Social networking sites advice for parents


Children and Screen time


Online Safety Guide


Internet Matters Toolkit


Internet Safety is important to everyone, of every age, be they a computer novice or a computer expert.

The Internet can be thought of as any big city around the world.  It's full of interesting places to visit and people to meet, but just like when you visit an unknown city for the first time, you need to take precautions.

Would you give your bank account details to the first person you meet, just because they asked you to, no of course you wouldn't.

Would you ask a total stranger on the street to look after your famlies pet dog whilst you went for a meal, again of course not.

But that doesn't mean that this big interesting city is full of bad folks, who are out to get you, just that you need to take precautions.

So to help you do that and become more 'street smart' with regards to the internet we are providing the information contained in these pages as a usefull starting point.

If you come across any other information that you feel would be useful to other parents and/or our pupils please let us know.

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