Who's Who

The Chestnuts team really encompass and embrace the term 'team'. Everyone works together for the good of the children. The team go above and beyond their daily hours to provide children with amazing and unique learning opportunities from; Gala Dinner performances, carnival participation, sleepovers, residentials, trips and visits and much, much more. 

Headteacher: Mrs Allison Collis

Deputy Headteacher: Miss Becky Skillings

Assistant Headteacher,  EYFS lead and SENCo: Mrs Jessica Fellowes

Lower Key stage 2 team leader: Mrs Katie Robins

Business Manager: Mrs Julie Drury

Site Manager: Mr Paul Thompson

Business Support/Headteacher PA: Mrs Chris Nixon

Reception: Mrs Jacqui McCormack and Mrs Anita Bolam

Early Years team:
Mrs Jessica Fellowes - Team leader

Mrs Catherine Thorne - teacher and phonics lead

Mrs Theresa Batey - teacher and RE/PSHE lead

Mrs Ellen Webb - learning support

Mrs Lindsay Marriott - learning support

Mrs Keely Butler - specialist learning support

Mrs Fatima Khalil - learning support

Key Stage 1 team:
Miss Danielle Payne - KS1 lead, year 2 teacher, Writing lead

Mrs Yvonne Riggs - teacher 

Mrs Megan Greenwood - teacher

Miss Lauren Seagrave - year 2 teacher and Reading lead

Mr Luke Wakefield - teacher and lower school Maths team lead

Mrs Kim Watts - learning support

Mrs Helen Bromley - learning support and HLTA 

Mrs Sarah Beech - specialist learning support

Mrs Karen Morice - specialist learning support

Mr Kyle Treacy - learning support

Mrs Sarah Edgeworth - learning support

Mrs Gemma Malins - learning support

Mrs Anita Bolam - learning support

Mrs Anette Furniss - learning support

Ms Sarah Spokes - learning support


Lower Key Stage 2 team: 

Mrs Katie Robins - Team leader, Science and Coaching lead

Mr John Ellard - teacher and Maths and Trips and Visit lead

Mrs Louise Datchler - teacher

Mrs Kelly Hargreaves - teacher and school council lead

Miss Rachel McVeigh - teacher and art/design lead

Mrs Rebecca Newman - learning support 

Mrs Kelly Gore - learning support and HLTA

 Mrs Annette Jones - learning support

Mrs Tamasin Dawes - learning support

Mrs Lesley Wallace - Specialist learning support

Mrs Kat Ort - specialist learning support

Mrs Karen Thompson - learning support

Miss Hannah Carter - learning support

Upper Key Stage 2 teams:
Miss Natalie Ellison - Year 6 teacher and learning support lead and Music lead

Miss Sam Tierney - Year 6 lead teacher, Mandarin teacher

Mr Alex Sear - Year 5 teacher and Curriculum Lead

Miss Jo Chandler - Year 5 teacher

Mrs Rebecca Shannon - Y6 teacher

Mrs Kerry Shefford - Learning support and HLTA

Mrs Anbreen Zaffar - learning support

​Mrs Margaret Ledster - learning support

Mrs Pat Dunn - EAL support

Mrs Pauline Mallett - lead specialist learning support



Mrs Hannah Njie - Teacher of the Deaf

Mr Danny Cain - PE teacher

Miss Abby Roskilly- Learning Mentor

Mr Pete Lockwood - KS2 Music teacher

Ms Karen Wilkes - Family Support Worker